I’d very much welcome any development help (backends, etc). Any advice on improving is appreciated aswell.

Please leave comments if you have ideas on how to improve it, have trouble installing it, questions, etc.

Missing features & Bugs

  • Untested. Only tested on a Linux system.
  • TODO: provide a package for windows
  • More backends


FreshTorrents doesn’t do any pre-filtering of content. Although not designed for, same as a web search engine, it may be used for legal or illegal actions. The decision lays in the users hands.

Writing backends is very easy actually. You just have to create regular expressions for the website structure to do the filtering and adjust some numbers (like how much should be fetched initially) to set an acceptable load.

Currently supported are:

  • (various categories)
  • ThePirateBay (various categories)

May be supported in the future (website structure seems to support it):

  • platform

Will probably not be supported in the future (website structure makes it hard and traffic-intense or the website is broken or too little content):

  • (little content)
  • (structure)
  • (didn’t find any torrent area)